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Outsourced backend and frontend Development

ColdFusion Web Development, Backend and Frontend Development 

The Brief

Berkeley Homes is a leading property development company specialising in residential and commercial projects. They needed a robust and scalable web development solution to handle their complex backend processes whilst providing a great user experience on the front end. Berkeley Homes wanted to leverage ColdFusion, a powerful programming language, for their web development needs to ensure efficiency and reliability.

Brainiac Media were asked to develop a web solution for Berkeley Homes that utilised ColdFusion for both the backend and frontend development to handle complex backend processes such as data management, user authentication, and integration with other systems. Additionally, the website needed to be visually appealing, user-friendly, and responsive across various devices to cater to their target audience.

 bespoke software developers

 bespoke software developer

What We Did

To help Berkeley Homes’ needs, we worked closely with them to understand their business requirements and leveraged ColdFusion’s robust capabilities to develop a customised backend system. We created a structured database management system to handle property listings, user data, and other crucial information with external systems to streamline business processes, and implemented advanced data encryption and user authentication to ensure secure access to sensitive data.

Our front-end developers created engaging and user-friendly experiences for users and designed an interface that showcased Berkeley Homes’ properties and projects, and implemented intuitive navigation, property search functionalities, and interactive elements to enhance the user experience. We built the website with responsiveness in mind, allowing users to access and navigate the website seamlessly across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. 

The Result

The ColdFusion web development solution for Berkeley Homes was highly successful, the custom backend system developed using ColdFusion allowed Berkeley Homes to streamline their business processes, saving time and effort for the company. The creation of a visually appealing and user-friendly website encourages visitors to easily navigate through property listings, access relevant information, with clear call-to-actions to make inquiries.


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We have used Brainiac media for the past 3 years and have always received exceptional service and support. Rob and his team have vast amounts of knowledge and knowhow...

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Brainiac media have been great, I have used them to help build my website and integrate it into other 3rd party systems which was key to my business, as well as managing all my email, URL's, cloud services etc. They are very approachable, keen to help solve problems and have a deep level of technical, marketing and SEO knowledge. I've been so happy with their service and capability I am always recommending them to my own customers!

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Brainiac Media have provided the website for Helping Rhinos for a number of years now, and take great pride in the service they deliver. Rob and his team are always on hand to help us with anything we need to improve the site. We have recently undertaken a large piece of work to rewrite much of the functionality driving our website, and the flexibility shown by Brainiac in accommodating our ever changing needs has been first class...

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