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A Branding Agency to Help You Build Your Brand Identity

If you are currently considering a brand refresh or updating your visual identity online and offline our team can help.

Brand discovery

What distinguishes you from your competitors, why should people buy from you and what is it that you do that makes a customer choose your brand over your competitors, these are the questions we delve into to discover what makes your brand unique, during your brand discovery process we research and strategise the most effective way to communicate the value of your product or service to maximise sales and develop lasting relationships with your customers through brand recognition and loyalty.

We look at your current brand 's strengths and weaknesses and where you want your brand to be and what your customers value most about your product or service and why. We then review all brand touchpoints, visual identity and communication material and your current marketing channels. 

branding agency

Brand Discovery

Brand development 

If you are currently considering a brand refresh or updating your visual identity online and offline our team can help. For the best digital experience it is important to keep evolving your brand to keep current and remain relevant to your customers, your brand should resonate with your target audience to keep them engaged and buying from you.

Our creative team and brand experts work with you to produce branding that reflects your unique business offering, we provide our expertise at every stage of your brand creation or brand refresh from logo creation to your website design, so that your brand story is delivered seamlessly and showcases exactly who you are and why your target customer should be purchasing from you.

To enhance your brands position and performance we can discuss your brand discovery process, logo design, brand guidelines, website design, branded templates, images and graphics, typography, print collateral and stationary.

Visual & brand identity

We understand how important a professional and visually pleasing website is, as it sets the tone for your business, your brand, your products and the quality of service you deliver. Our design and marketing team work together to build brands online and in print.

Your brand identity is the representation of your business through the visual elements and messages that define you from your brand name, logo, colour palette, graphic style, typography, tagline and tone, it’s what sets you apart in the mind of the consumer.

Our graphic designers and marketing experts can act as an outside source for you and your business to help grow your brand or enter and advertise to new markets.

If you feel your company’s visual identity needs updating, get in contact with our team to discuss your specific needs and your best options forward.

Is it time to evolve your brand, take a look at our brand discovery process to find out whether it's time for an updated and newer identity that connects better with who you are, the products or service you offer and the audience you are appealing to.

Brand Identity

We use the following process to build the basis for your rebrand or brand creation

Brand assessment


Brand positioning

Research audience persona

Brand personality

Brand Management

Brand management

Brand management is the process of continually monitoring your brand as it evolves with your customers and new competition enters and exits the market. Brand management requires the continued analysis of your brand experience with an emphasis on increasing brand awareness and enhancing your brand loyalty.

Contact our branding agency for help with your brand management.  

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    Brand identity 


    Brand guidelines

    Logo design

    Print design 

    Packaging design 

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    Snow Lab

    We have used Brainiac media for the past 3 years and have always received exceptional service and support. Rob and his team have vast amounts of knowledge and knowhow...

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    Snow Lab

    Peliwica Insurance

    Brainiac media have been great, I have used them to help build my website and integrate it into other 3rd party systems which was key to my business, as well as managing all my email, URL's, cloud services etc. They are very approachable, keen to help solve problems and have a deep level of technical, marketing and SEO knowledge. I've been so happy with their service and capability I am always recommending them to my own customers!

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    Peliwica Insurance

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    Brainiac Media have provided the website for Helping Rhinos for a number of years now, and take great pride in the service they deliver. Rob and his team are always on hand to help us with anything we need to improve the site. We have recently undertaken a large piece of work to rewrite much of the functionality driving our website, and the flexibility shown by Brainiac in accommodating our ever changing needs has been first class...

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