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Website Design and Branding 

Brainiac Media was contracted by The University Of The Witwatersrand in Johannesburg to design a website and brand assets that would support, and appropriately present, the incredible Rhisotope Project. This project was a marriage between science and conservation, utilising science based solutions to help save the Rhinoceros species.

The project was founded around the question of whether Rhino poaching can be significantly reduced through the application of scientific research. The project looks to create a successful and lasting method for poaching reduction and rhino deaths as a cause of poaching.

The project aims to create science based solutions that will aid traditional anti-poaching methods. Brainiac Media was more than happy to help in building a website for such a noble cause, as we always look to champion environmental and ethical issues the best way we can.

The brief

Create a website for The Rhisotope Project 

charity website design

charity website development

What we did 

Brainiac Media was contracted to design a website for The Rhisotope Project, a project which looks to protect Rhinos from their biggest threat: poachers. The Rhisotope Project looks to protect rhinos through scientific methods. We were contracted to design and create a website for The Rhisotope Project that would properly embody their mission, look professional and engage those who come across it. 

The design and development of the website for The Rhisotope Project was all aimed at promoting its goals whilst emphasising the danger that the Rhino species is in due to poaching. We worked to incorporate user experience and user interface design as the two central pillars for the design and development of the website. 


The Rhisotope Project also underwent considerable brand development. We strategised closely with the team at The Rhisotope Project and created a new and distinguishable image that would be engaging and attention-grabbing to those in their target audience, encouraging recognisability and in turn, donations to help fund the development of the vision that The Rhisotope Project had laid out. This along with the development of new guidelines and graphic designs for presentations and social media that would help promote The Rhisotope Project and its mission to help save Rhinos from poachers. Social media can be very powerful in uniting people through ethical issues and solutions, so, the effective communication of what the aims of the project are along with graphic designs that would be attention-grabbing was imperative. Brainiac Media continue to work and support The University Of The Witwatersrand in Johannesburg with the digital technology and design work they need for this project.

Services Used

WordPress website design,

Website hosting, 

Graphic design,

Brand creation

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