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Build a Successful Brand 

Constructing and executing a branding strategy is often one of the last things businesses consider, or sometimes it goes entirely unthought of.

However, research demonstrates that businesses with strong brands produce much more sales and profits. This is to say, taking time out to outline and define your brand can give you a massive advantage over your competition. 

Here are 4 key tips to help you outline, define and execute an effective branding process in your business.


Brand Strategy 

Brand Positioning, what to consider. Firstly, you're going to want to get your Market Research right. Before you begin making major moves into outlining your brand, you need to answer 4 vital questions.

  • Is my brand known or unknown?
  • How is/would your brand be perceived in your market sector and the wider market?
  • How do/will your target consumers view your brand compared to your competitors?
  • What attributes do/will your target consumers associate with your brand?

Market research will enable you to answer all of these questions and many more. We strongly urge you to look to answer as many questions about your brand as possible. With these answers, you can then set a clear path to your branding strategy.

Concentrate On Your Unique Selling Point

Your brand is nothing without a unique selling point (USP). Ask yourself, what makes my product and/or service special? What is your promise to your customer, and can you meet it sustainably over the course of your business's lifetime? Why should your target audience or qualified leads choose you over the competition? What traits, that customers are looking for, will your business pride itself on having, i.e. dependable, durable etc.? Is your product/service cheaper or more luxe than others on the market ask yourself questions regarding your position on the market.

A simple starting point for discovering your USP is to start listing out what your ideal customers want, what differentiates your business from your competition and how you’ll communicate that in your branding.  

Either way, you need to determine what makes your business unique so that your brand can revolve around it.

First, you need to find your USP if you haven’t already and then you need to delve into the logistics of delivering on your promises time and time again.

Connect With Your Target Audience Through Their Emotions

Did you know that 90% of communication is actually not spoken? What does this mean? We don’t rely on verbal cues to communicate, and marketers often utilize this to their advantage when marketing a product, and so should you.

Evoking emotions that help entice consumers to purchase products/services is an effective strategy employed by millions of businesses. Do your research, and look into how human senses can be affected during the selling process. From colours, imagery and smells, to touch, products/services are much more marketable when engaging with consumer senses. It doesn't just help sales. Sensory marketing also improves brand recognition, heightens engagement and leads to brand growth. All in all, appealing to your target consumers’ senses and emotions can be highly effective if done correctly. So, do your research and see how human sense fits into your marketing strategy.

Create brand assets that communicate your positioning and personality.

Once you have undergone the strategy and research elements to determine your brand positioning and personality, you’ll want to turn your attention to developing the brand assets by creating your brand’s visual identity and crafting the design elements like your logo, brand colours, typography, imagery and illustrations which the in effect forms the aesthetic look and feel that embodies your brands positioning and personality.

If you would like to discuss your brand in more detail or would like to book a free consultation on how to build a successful brand or carry out a winning rebrand, fill in the form below.

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