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Supporting women in business


Here at Brainiac Media, we are passionate about working with businesses that uphold our same values.

We love championing businesses that are making a difference.

Today is International Women’s Day, as I’m sure a lot of you know, and we are spending the day celebrating the women who make it all happen. Personally and professionally we like to take today to really look around and acknowledge the women we admire.

For Brainiac Media today is about celebrating women, particularly the women in business who we are lucky enough to call clients. We have several female run businesses we work closely with and whom we are immensely proud of for the strides they are each making in their own sectors.

Time to Shine Kids is a women led non-profit organisation with a network of professionals who work to support people with their emotional and mental wellbeing. Given the current climate this is an especially important time to provide people with the adequate resources to help them stay or get back on track with their mental health. The work that is being done by Time to Shine is vital and we could not be more proud to work with them, especially their managing director Carey Khan.

The Koorana Centre is another great business making a big difference in peoples lives during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Koorana Centre is a wellbeing centre that provides programmes to support people of all ages through major life transitions. They offer yoga, pilates, tai chi, relaxation and mindfulness to help maintain a well balanced life and positive frame of mind. They offer a long list of holistic therapies including crystal healing, hypnotherapy, massages, Reiki, life coaching, reflexology and more. Currently, they are providing online courses to do with mindfulness an especially important practice during these times. Well done to the whole female led team at The Koorana Centre. We would like to give a special nod to Gabrielle Anya Rafello, the director of the company, for her initiative to create much-needed online mindfulness courses to help others during this difficult period.

Sella Concept is another great example of women doing great things. Sella creates interiors, branding, curation and set design for creative-minded clients, dynamic young brands and established global names. They look to provide their clients with space to breath and scope to dream. Within the designs, they create for whomever their client is their hope is always to inspire. They love to design spaces and look forward to the many projects to come once we regain some normality. To Tatjana von Stein and Gayle Noonan, keep on inspiring us all with your creativity, eye for detail, and passion for what you do.

Style Therapy by Isabel del Valle is another amazing business doing its best to make women above the age of 40 feel confident and happy in themselves through fashion. When Isabel del Valle started Style Therapy her goal was to guide women over the age of 40 to enhance their wellbeing and unleash their inner confidence by expressing themselves through their true image. Putting the woman first is who she is at her essence, Isabel is able to style a woman so that her client regains or enhances who she is and how she presents herself to the world. By doing this, she strengthens the confidence of her clients so that they are able to live their lives happier. As women, we often lose our sense of self by being so many things to so many people. Being able to get back in touch with who we are at our core and communicate that so that we are presenting that person out into the world, that is a true gift.

The last female led company on this list is Abigail Yeates  Architect. Specialising in solving complex design problems, Abigail Yeates and her team convert these constraints into advantages. They do this by generating innovative solutions. She and her team value the environment and because of this, her designs are lead through environmentally friendly inspiration. She seeks to work in a way that encourages the coexistence of environmental forethought and beautiful architectural design. This consciousness and marriage between practical beauty and environmental awareness make for a successful business that pushes to improve the work one building project at a time.

To all our female led companies, in fact to all females doing their best to make their mark in their workplace: you inspire us, keep the movement going.

Written by Katherine Duffy, Marketing & Sales Executive at Brainiac Media


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